I hear gunshots near my house every night & on nights like these I wish one would stray into my house, through my window, landing straight in the middle of my brain.

Not really in bed
Just looking at the ceiling instead
Hoping someone would hear the cry inside my head
Feeling like I’d make the same impact dead

Such a a big world
Yet so lonesome
Someone could come forth wielding, at you, a sword
Yet who’d come?

Think about it
7 billion people on this planet
But they all have to deal with their own 7 billion pounds of bullshit.

No one has time for you
The hadn’t even gotten a clue.
I guess this is long overdue:
Bye, dude.

Typical fairy tale beginning
In a mysterious land
Guy meets girl and girl starts falling
In a second I had taken your hand

What seemed like a romance movie
Ended in the quickest heartbeat

With every kiss
I could feel it in my soul
A part of me had been dismissed
To a pile full of bull

You messed with my heart
Couldn’t get you outta my head
You left me torn apart
Then I realized if I’d stayed I’d be dead

So why is it that whenever I do something wrong to you, I feel like I’m guilty of destroying the world. Yet when YOU treat me wrong, it doesn’t ever feel like you seem the slightest bit guilty. If anything, all you do is victimize yourself.